Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A message to wanna be teen moms

     Today I would like to send a message, a vision really, to all of you wanna be teen moms. All you girls with your racing hormones, your undying love for your boyfriend of the week, and what you swear is your biological clock ticking. A certain emptiness you feel that you just know would be filled by a baby. Well let me tell you girl- ENJOY THAT EMPTINESS!! I'm not trying to judge you, i get it. I was just like you, luckily I waited until my twenties and thirties to have mine. I would just like to take this opportunity to share a little story with you, and please don't kid yourself, and think this is a rarity, or that it won't happen to you.

     Today I went to the restroom like any other day, and both my kids followed me in there yapping there little heads off, like any other day.  I have been hanging out at home all day catching up on chores and wearing some exercise type clothes. Well, in this particular outfit my stomach popped out when I sat down. (Of course it's um, ...only in this outfit and only when I sit. LOL) The kids thought that was about as funny as can be. They proceeded to poke at it, show me theirs, make theirs  roll up, act like it was talking, laughing their little butts off. Then SPF laughed so hard she spit all over me, this was of course the icing on the cake for them. HM thought it was so hilarious he started spitting too. So here is two laughing, spitting, kids with their stomachs hanging out, poking at my stomach, and all I wanna do is pee!

     So that was the highlight of my day, along with a trip to Target that ended with us rushing out the store for an emergency diaper change. So what horror story would you, my fellow moms, give a wanna be teen mom? 



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tackling the Christmas mess

     I ran into a wonderful "Tackle it Tuesday" challenge on 5minutesformom I  decided to tackle my leftover Christmas mess, I started yesterday but had much left over today.

     First my table. The pic only shows about half as bad as it got. At this time my living room was still full of gifts, and we had not seen the other side of the family. The pile at least doubled in size when all gifts for the kids were received.

     Here it is today: (also notice the leaf is out of it and put away)

     Yesterday I purged HM's room in order to fit in his new toys. I now have a tub to go to goodwill, and a tub (plus some) ready to go to Grandma's, or away for a rainy day or whatever:

     My entry way was piled high with empty boxes, wrapping paper, etc. Don't have before pics, but let me tell you- it was hard to even get out my front door! Here it is today:

     Seeing that pic makes me realize it looks really bland and empty. I need art or pictures or something, maybe next Tuesday... I also was inspired by Amy's freezer inventory and plan to tackle that today, or sometime soon. Looks like I have plenty I am accountable for next week.

Monday, December 28, 2009

To be (on time out) or not to be....

     Just a little photo documentary today...

     The kids playing nicely and contently together with new Christmas toys:

      Uh oh, Sissy gets possessed:

     HM fights off demon possession of his toys with the ever popular toddler repeating of "MINE!" "MINE!" "MINE!" :

     Throwing toys at, and kicking SPF lands him in the naughty chair for a 2 minute time out:

     After many attempts, he makes a successful escape:

     Back for a full 2 minute time out, and we begin the discussion. I love you, I put you on time out because...., now go apologise to your sissy, yada yada yada. He gave me this look:

     When I told him he was off time out and insisting he apologise to SPF, he did this:


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Much better day

     Much better day today. I, of course, did not know how much better it was until an hour ago or so. HM was throwing his usual fits, all worse than normal due to his extreme tiredness. He awoke today about 9 am, (7 hours sleep) and only napped for 20 minutes. I thought I was gonna die! House is a mess, Christmas evidence everywhere, and that dang toddler won't give me a break! Then miraculously he fell asleep in my arms, in mid fit, at 6:15 tonight! Yes today is a good day! Now if only I can get myself up at the crack of dawn our schedules will be saved.

     I missed the whole opportunity to post pictures of our Christmas. So here are some cute ones.

     You can probably see why I put up with so much out of HM, he is just so darn cute!!!

1am, and....

     It's 1 am and I'm still ushering HM back to bed! We have done 3 rounds of me shutting the door and walking out, (only serves to upset him and hype him up more) and countless walks back to the bedroom. This is ridiculous. Everyone says be firm, be consistent, yeah well-bring your firm consistent ass over here and train my toddler to sleep on his own! At this point it is a battle of the wills. I keep looking over to see his cute face peering around the corner at me. Poor guy is exhausted, puffy eyes and all-yet he is still fighting it. And to think, the nurses told me toddlers will just fall over at some point. Apparently not mine.

     So I'm on my third glass of wine, (I asked the Dr. for valium but she refused so I have resorted to self medicating.) and I would be more than willing to go to sleep. But HM in true toddler fashion, is refusing. Doesn't he realize how much better it feels to sleep then to fight off tiredness?  I love sleep, I am the type that could sleep the day away if it weren't for these pesky rug rats of mine. BTW, HM got up 3 times while I was writing the last paragraph, only once so far while writing this one! Am I winning the battle? Why does so much of parenting feel like an us (parents) against them (kids) affair? I never thought it would be like that before I had kids.

     I could blame it on holiday excitement, last week it was the excitement of my dad staying with us, but the truth is,  it's been going on for months. I have no excuse other than lack of firmness and consistency! So here I am self medicating and chasing a toddler back to his bed every few minutes! This is exhausting, he must be superman!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Traditional overspending

     So quickly Christmas is upon us. Prime rib in my fridge, gifts wrapped, plans made, and menus shopped for. Such a busy season, but we  tend to make it busier than it has to be. Why do we, as adults, feel the need to drain our funds and rack our brains buying so many useless gifts? Gifts for people we don't really know or necessarily like. Yet we feel obligated to purchase impersonal items for said people. Trying to think what to buy when you don't even know what colors they like. A favorite animal? A decorating scheme? Nada, nothing, total blank. It's just silly, a total waste of money.

     Then of course there is the traditional overspending on our loved ones. The feelings of guilt if we don't, and the guilt when we do. Knowing some bill is getting put on the back burner to finance Christmas. I love Christmas, I really do. I have small children, and I love watching them through this season. I just can't help but feel some of it is too much, unnecessary. I guess I could change things, maybe I could impose a spending limit, or a homemade gifts only rule. But I'm no different then my kids, I still look forward to the loot I'm getting! Oh well, tis life I guess....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What ifs

     I'm working again. Sorry no pics, this place has some serious rules. I have to gain access at each interior door from a card reader and a palm scanner. This place does not mess around. So certain things, like pipe bombs, nuclear war heads, and cameras are not allowed. You know all the usual prohibited stuff. Whatever! But I'm glad to be working again. It's hard work, and I am sore, but it feels good. I eat and spend WAY too much when I have extra time on my hands!

     I am writing this sitting in my HM's room waiting for him to fall asleep. I so missed the 'learn to go to sleep on your own' window! The doctor said put him in his crib and walk out. Let him cry for 5 minutes, comfort him, leave, cry for 10, comfort him, leave, etc. etc. etc. Well he outgrew the crib a year ago. So I did the babygate across his door, he busts them down, so I put up two, same thing. Now we have graduated to the baby knob on his interior door handle wrapped in electrical tape. (The knob is wrapped, not the kid.....but there's an idea, mmmm?) But I feel terrible so I sit in here. I want him to fall asleep, not feel abandoned. How must he feel behind that closed door for five minutes? (never made it to ten.) Will my leaving him have a permanent impact on his adult relationships? Will he grow to mistrust, or worse mistreat women? My head just spins, it's awful. So here I sit, waiting, again. Why do we parent so much out of guilt and what ifs?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving light

    So what makes a successful blog? I started this blog under advice from my dad. It sounded like a good idea. I'm the type of person that always has something to say, much annoyance to those around me I have been told! I'm usually funny, and a good creative writer. But something's not clicking here. Are my witty jokes and sarcasm not translating in this forum? Maybe I'm not putting enough of that in here...are my writing skills rusty? Maybe it's writer's block, or as simple as not enough time to write. Whatever it is, I am very dedicated to this blog and spend alot of time thinking about it.

     The holidays are upon us, and in the midst of it all I will continue to attempt to place my  thoughts  here. (Couldn't I just sprinkle my laptop with some kind of magic fairy dust and walla....perfectly written blog?) Today I am cooking thanksgiving dinner light. Just the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and a veggie. My dad has agreed to come once a week or so to sit with HM so SPF and I can go do something that we can't normally do with a toddler in tow. My dad chose to skip thanksgiving this year, so I thought I would surprise him with a turkey dinner. I think he will  love it! Who doesn't like a turkey dinner? Of course it's much better with stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, and all the trimmings, but this is the scaled down version. (And gluten free) So I'm off to run errands and cook this bird.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Potty training central

     It's currently potty training central at our house. Even though HM is child #2 for me, I feel like a seriously lost mom at this point! SPF was so easy! I bought a doll that peed, we taught the doll to pee, then she peed. Easy, done in one evening. The BMs in the potty took a couple weeks (that was nasty) I got sick of cleaning and tossing panties so I finally resorted to bribery. Told her if she went "caca" in the potty she got a "caca candy" (her gummy vitamins.) Worked like a charm, never pooped in her panties again. If only boys were as easy as girls!

     I really should give him, and myself more credit. We did spend the entire weekend changing pair of underwear after pair of underwear, (reminding myself the whole time not to call them panties) cleaning up puddle after puddle. Watching him point and scream at it, I think he was rather impressed with himself actually! I knew he had the ability and the desire, but I expected it to happen quickly as it did with SPF. Well by Sunday afternoon I was ready throw in the towel.

     When I dropped him off at day care Monday morning I asked them to put him on the potty as much as possible. My goal to just keep up with what I had been attempting over the weekend. Low and behold, he peed on that potty all day! He was only wet after his nap! Such a proud mama am I!

     Now we spend our evenings with HM running around naked so he can quickly get to the potty.

     I long for the day I am free to walk out of the house without the dreaded diaper bag! But for now, I am relishing in all the little victories. Wish us luck....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Who needs a job like that anyway?

     I got laid off again. (How was that for a smooth intro?) When this happened to me in Sept. I was so shocked. It was unexpected, and I couldn't help but take it personal. Lay offs are just part of the construction industry, but going through it for the first time was no less of a slap in the face! The timing of it was perfect as far as other events in my life, but still, no income is no income no matter how you dice it up!

     This lay off was more expected, and frankly more welcome. I loved my last job, I was learning so much, working with great people, I felt good. This job was like a reunion for A-holes R us! Not that they were old, but had the male mentality of a different generation. Maybe I'm just in denial that men as a whole have even moved past that way of thinking. Mmmmm? I look at men like my father who always taught me that as a woman I can do anything I want. He is a working electrician, yet never let any of my 'I'm just a girl' excuses fly as a kid. So here I am showing up on job sites thinking that all those men would be as forward thinking as he is. YEAH RIGHT!! Well, you get the point, this job was no love lost!

     The part I am having a hard time with (besides the whole no income thing again) is the timing with my illness. BTW-much better now, thanks for asking. When I called in and reported it was flu I had, they said I needed a doctor's note. They didn't want the usual excuse from a Dr., they wanted a clearance letter as to when I could return and that I was no longer contagious. So here I am schlepping my butt to the doctor for their stupid note, just to get laid off the next day! Aah, the nerve! Oh well, that job was like a bad fitting shoe, and who needs a job like that anyway?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

H1N1, my guilty little pleasure

     Last week at work, I was feeling like a salmon swimming upstream the entire week. I couldn't seem to drag myself out of bed on time, the simplest of tasks leaving my muscles aching, and sweating at the most minimal of exertion. I spend the entire week feeling like a complete failure. Wondering why it's so hard to get myself back in the grove of working again. I did it before, why not now? My complaints to my father even prompted him to suggest maybe construction work isn't for me after all. Anger aside, what gives?

     Then it hit me. Friday night the fever came, by Saturday I was over 102. The body aches, sore throat, coughing, and fatigue! Called the nurse, and yes, you guessed it...the flu. I didn't go in to be tested to find out which kind. Here they don't even want you in their office for flu symptoms unless you are having complications and headed to the hospital. I have had my seasonal flu shot, and the CDC is saying if you have the flu now, you have H1N1, AKA Swine flu. So I am assuming I am infected with H1N1, and IT SUCKS!!!

     I called my mom on Saturday and she was thankfully able to take the kids off my hands. I have spent the last 4 days sleeping day and night. Somewhere around day 2 or 3 I realised this is the first time in 8 years I have just been able to lay down and be sick. Never before have they been elsewhere while I was sick. I also realised how much I am enjoying this guilty pleasure. I miss my kids loads, but it sure is nice to be able to take the time to heal. To not worry about feeding them or changing them, just resting. The flu is bad no matter how you dice it, but it's much nicer to have it alone without having to care for others, or worry about them catching it next.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Channeling Brie Vandecamp

     Last Friday was my Dad's birthday. I had him, his wife, my uncle (his brother) and my kids over for dinner. I planned the menu, cleaned the house, baked a cake, and went into a mini panic on the way home from work Friday afternoon. I rushed home, showered, last minute cleaning, and O NO!!....time to get the kids. Back in the car, rush to the grocery store for a beer can chicken roaster, pick up the kids, rushing home, and Dad calls-they are at my house waiting for me and let themselves in! Did I remember to vacuum? Check. Scrub the kitchen counters? Check. Clean the bathroom? Uh Oh! ....Ring around the toilet, I thought I was gonna die!

     Keep in mind folks I am a single mom of 2, one of which is a toddler. (Need I say more?) I work full time, I am determined to have a home cooked meal on the table every night. I do my best to keep a tidy home, but sometimes things do fall through the cracks. When I plan even the slightest thing out of our regular routine, alot tends to fall through the cracks. I know I am too hard on myself, and expect the impossible out of myself and my kids. So the night of my Dad's birthday dinner I did something I never really do, I let myself off the hook.

     The feelings of shame rushed to the surface upon realization of me not cleaning the bathroom, but for the first time I promptly stopped them in their tracks! I said to myself, "Adrienne, it's ok. They are family and if they can't understand that I have too much on my plate to have everything perfect, F them!! " Of course I would never say that out loud (whoops, they might read this!), and they never mentioned the dirty bathroom, though I am sure they all noticed. But my point here is how proud I am of myself letting go of that shame. It  freed me up to sit back, relax, and really enjoy myself. It was quite a revelation, it truly was.

     Revelations aside, I still do wish I could channel Brie Vandecamp. (Desperate Housewives) The way she stuffs her emotions, is always appropriate, impeccably groomed, and every dinner is a 5 course affair. I just LOVE her! (Her parenting skills aside! LOL) So it wasn't a Brie Vandecamp dinner, but it was a smashing success.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

A good old fashioned A-hole!!

     I work construction, and as everyone knows it's a career that appeals to mostly men. Very few of us women on the job sites, or in the trades at all. Being one of only a handful of women, I am a victim of sexism on a pretty regular basis. I was warned before going into this career, and as result I am hyper aware of it.

     Sexism comes in many forms. One time it may be the man (or men), that makes me do all the heavy lifting type of work to "show me" what I got myself into. (i. e. run me off.)  Other times it may be the man that won't let me do anything either because he thinks I'm too stupid to figure it out, or he is trying to be extra polite, but same end result-boredom. I stand around doing nothing all day. Sometimes it's unintentional I'm sure, he or they simply just don't know how to act around me. I even understand where they are coming form a little. That has always traditionally been a man's world, but no more!

     Friday at work, I came to the realization that some men aren't sexist at all, they are just a-holes. I have spent the last 2 weeks at my new job dealing with some real jerks. Pranks, comments, the whole 9 yards, there have been some real mature winners on this job site! But one guy in particular stands out. He always has something to say. I thought it was his attitude toward women, he is an old timer and they seem to be more set in their ways. I see him every day, but we work for different companies doing different jobs. I ran into him alot last week and was observing his actions. I figured out his type, he's not sexist, he is an equal opportunity a-hole!

     Does this mean that others I assumed were treating me badly because I am a woman, really weren't? Was I wrong to assume they were sexist? Was I looking for it because that's what I feared the most? I guess it feels good to know that people like that treat everyone like sh*t, it's not just because I am a woman. Never thought I would be glad to meet a good old fashioned a-hole!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Settling in....

     Finding time to write seems equivalent to walking a tight rope at this point in my life! Handsome Mortal is sick, tonsillitis, SPF had a slumber party last weekend, and I have actually managed to make it to work every day. Getting back into my work routine has proven very hard.  Somehow I have managed, but I keep forgetting to take my prepared meals out of the freezer! Why is the eternal dilemma - what's for dinner? - always the thorn in our sides? But I have gotten some kind of homemade dinner on the table every night!

     Sometimes I just sit back and am absolutely amazed at myself. The amount I manage to accomplish, and balance in my life. I am impressed with my strength. Physical, mental, and inner strength. Working on a construction site and being able to do all that is required of me gives me loads of self confidence! Balancing that with my family life just increases that feeling. I can't help but look at myself as if I am looking at somebody else, I never would have thought me capable. Of course I'm usually too busy beating myself up for all kinds of other things, that I don't give myself the credit I deserve. Little by little we move forward, always by inches, never by feet.

     We are all settled in the new place, and we are so much happier. Time to get the little ones off to bed. Tomorrow is picture day for SPF, and I have no clue how to approach that. What hair style could I possibly do that will be quick tonight, make it thru the night, and survive her abuse for 5 hours in the morning before she gets the pic took? I guess I have to pick my battles, as my friend in Vegas would tell me. Well I think I am going to end this scatter brained blog entry now. More to come....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I got a job today

     It's been so long since I have wrote anything. I have however, kept my promise, and have been photo documenting little moments in our lives. Not much good it does when I'm too lazy to go get the camera and actually post the pics. Oh well, it's small steps, right?

     I have been so busy with the move I have had no time to write. Yet somehow this blog remains on my mind much of the time. I am finding that my relationship with this blog is blossoming into the type of relationship one would have with a human. I think about it often, and feel guilty when I don't tend to it. Then the longer I am away, the guiltier I feel, and find it harder to return. That is very much like a personal relationship, one with your mother perhaps? I feel as if I am letting someone down if I don't write. Then I wake up and remind myself that I, and maybe a couple of family members, are the only ones that are going to read this blog. So F*** it, I'm writing today. No need to slither in on my belly.

     Well the move went as well as one could expect a move to go. Hired some idiots that managed to milk their hourly wage for all it's worth, but worked at a steady pace and eventually got the job done. Good news on the home front, I got a job today. Excited that I am working again, yet dreading the gruesome schedule. The construction industry is not only hard on your nails, it's hell on your beauty sleep too! Getting laid off came at a perfect time, and so did going back to work. I only spent a month down, can't really complain. Now I'm up and running again.

     I'm off to bed, lots to do tomorrow. SPF has her birthday / slumber party tomorrow. Every time I host one of these things I feel the need to knock myself out so everything will be perfect. I had alot of money in a past life, so I use go all out financially too. Things have changed but my attitude has not. Luckily I have the sweetest 8yo that is not the least bit spoiled and understands things are different now. Goodnight on that note.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Under that clear stilleto

     I am trying to find time every day to update my blog, so far that's not always happening. I am 2 days away from my move,and my house is completely upside down at this point. I have to unbury my laptop just to log on. It's a brand  new season of House, NCIS, all the CSI's, etc., and I'm so sucked in! Between packing, keeping up with my DVR, my Facebook and Craig's List addictions, I am finding it hard to put my thoughts into words here.

     I can say I am so relieved that I do OAMC sessions. (That stands for once a month cooking to all you newbies.) It is the way to go-for sure. I have at least 40 meals in my freezer at this point. Easy breazy to still have a homecooked meal even on the busiest of nights. Tonight we had some chicken, noodle, parmesan concoction. It was mm mm good. YUMMY! My chest freezer has been a great investment. It really pays for itself if you utilize it's space. A local store has whole chickens on sale this week for .69c a pound. I fought the urge to buy them by the dozen. I have serious problems passing up a good grocery store sale. I hate that! But I have to pack, not cook 25 dinners and try and fit them in my allready full freezers.

     During my packing, I have decided to finally free myself (and my closet) of all the clothes I have been holding onto in hopes of someday wearing again. I have been holding on to them for a variety of reasons, and refusing to part with them. But it's time I face reality. Even if I drop the 30 or so extra pounds on me, would I really ever wear a pink leather mini skirt with matching pink leather playboy jacket? Where would I wear that? PTA? Soccer practice? I think not. So out it goes, with so many others! So the pile of unwanted clothes has consumed my room, and I'm off to find my bed. I am hoping that next to those capri pants from the last time they were in, somewhere under that clear stilleto stripper heal I will find my pillow. Goodnight

Monday, September 21, 2009

My very own wiggle worm

    So tonight we went back to the Y, SPF and I took belly dancing. We  took belly dancing in Las Vegas and loved it. This class was more fitness orientated, but still fun. The teacher was nice, but not very personable. But man, she was rock hard, and had an obvious ballet background. I think it's going to take more than a few belly dancing sessions to get me there! But it still kicked that Zumba class in the ass!

      HM is in the middle of yet another "clean out". This is his third. He had a super long (8 month) bout of diarrhea, so the specialist labeled it chronic constipation. Yes you read that right, diarrhea = constipation.? Yeah, I know, weird! Anyway, they determined he needs stool softeners, and laxatives every few weeks. So we are on day 2, of a 3 day colon cleanse right now. It's been oh so fun! Just think, a 2yo on laxatives. Now couple that with a natural wiggle worm that won't sit still for a diaper change, on a good day. Ever since he could roll over, he has been corkscrewing during diaper changes. I think you get the picture. Thank god he is not one of those kids that rips his own diaper off! That was SPF's favorite thing for awhile.

     I'm off to bed, the world doesn't stop just because I'm unemployed!! I don't have a paying "job" but still, my work is never done. Why is that? (Yes that's rhetorical.) I promise myself, and any readers I may get, that I will start photo documenting what I am writing about to make things more interesting. More work, oh well, what's one more thing on my plate?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maybe if I had claws....

     I have come to the conclusion that I am an abused woman. I am screamed at, kicked, and hit on a regular basis. He literally walks all over me, takes me for granted, and feels free to relieve himself on me. He thinks I am his ladder to the rest of the world, he just climbs right up me! Is there a 12 step or something for me?

     Hi, I'm Adrienne...and I am an abused parent. ("Hi Adrienne" you all say in unison) Seriously though, don't you all feel abused sometimes? And I mean physically abused. The taken for granted and all that I can totally deal with-that's just how kids are. We wouldn't expect them to be any other way, and our unconditional love allows that stuff to just roll off us like water off a duck. But getting beat up by HM is getting old!!

     I know his intentions are just his to get his way, and he is so in the moment as all 2 year olds are. He is not thinking of me as his victim, or purposely trying to hurt. He just wants what he wants, and he wants it NOW!!!  Now as a human my instinct is to hit back. No, not the type of hit that would hurt. You know, a little hand smack. Like what a cat does to her kittens when they get out of line. But in watching my particular 2yo, I see how "monkey see, monkey do" he is. I know, as a mom, that me smacking his hand is only reinforcing his instinct to hit. But on the other hand, it works in the animal kingdom. I mean, eventually those kittens learn, right?

     Well, I have tried both approaches, and he still hits. Is my son more hard headed than those kittens? Maybe if I had claws? A Freddy Krueger glove perhaps? I try to be that always patient, full of love hippie earth mom, BUT IT"S HARD!! I bet Freddie's 2yo didn't hit him more than once!

Zumba- NOT!!

     Ok, so today I drug the kids to the local Y so I could finally try out a Zumba class. I have been lusting over the infomercials, seen all the great results, but have never tried it before today. I love to dance, I actually do enjoy exercising, I have always wanted to learn moves like those sexy salsa girls-seemed like a perfect fit. NOT!

     The instructor was nice, the music was cool, but the class was so boring. Am I missing something? Was I doing it wrong? It all looked so enjoyable on TV. When I say this class was boring, I mean boring, like walking on a slow treadmill with no TV or magazine, or anything type of BORING. Usually in a cardio class the hour flies by,  I found myself watching the clock slowly tick, all the while doing the grapevine or some other silly move. Is this what I must do to fit back in my jeans this winter? O fine, whatever.

     I am not giving up, I will continue to pursue the elusive perfect Zumba class, I have faith that I will find one like on TV. I have faith that the umpteen Guess? jeans in my closet will not sit there unworn and lonely all winter. They will once again socialise with their old pal black leather boots. (high heel of course!) We will be triumphant! Just you see boring old Zumba class!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My little tornado

     Another fun day of packing. HM is at the sitters, and SPF at school. HM has to be at the sitters in order for me to pack. That little man likes to go behind me and pull things out of boxes as quickly as I can manage to put things in. I know he is just being a normal 2yo, but as a mom I really hate that excuse. The "he's just a normal 2yo" (in a sing song voice of course) excuse. I don't care if every 2yo on the planet screams like he does, I HATE it when mine does it!! Can I say that again? I HATE HATE HATE it!! Knowing mine is just like everybody else's does not make this stage any easier. I know you mom's feel me on this point, right?

     My son has got to be the sweetest boy on the planet, and oh so cute! No he really is, not just saying that because he's mine or anything. No really, the sweetest and the cutest!! LOL. But anyway, he is all boy. My daughter was one of those extremely easy kids. Easy going, happy, content, satisfied, no terrible twos, really she was so easy. She is rough and tough and has always played like a boy, so I thought having a boy would be about like her. YEAH RIGHT!! So another words, we are smack dab in the middle of some pretty terrible, terrible twos!!

     So HM is at the sitters and I am feeling like she is looking at me like I am some terrible mom because I drop him off when I don't even have to work. Truth be told, nothing gets done with him around. I mean NOTHING!! How in the world is a 2yo faster at making a mess than a 34 yo is at cleaning it? I mean the boy has only been walking for a little over a year! Logically it just makes no sense! I have age, wisdom, and experience on my side. Those little tornados! It's us against them ladies, suit up! Seriously though, how do they do it? Gotta love em! Even as I sit here venting my frustrations, there is a smile on my face. Even when they frustrate us, they warm our hearts. Those little buggers!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The journey begins

    As I embarked on this journey, my head was swimming with things to say. Where do I start? What do you want to hear?  I got stuck for a week picking a name (all the obvious ones were taken), untill I finally convinced myself I needed to settle on a name before I could let all my words out. That is the point here, right?  During that week my head kept popping with perfectly brilliant things to write about. The perfect mixes of humour and fact. Now that the blog is actually up and running, I find myself challenged. Is this all I could come up with? Are you serious? Me? The one never at a loss for words? Well it's my blog, and if I want to ramble, ramble I shall.

     I am in the middle of all things in my life changing, yet again. I crave simplicity, no drama, an even kealed life. Do I ever get it? HECK NO!! I work in the construction trade, a newly chosen carreer for me. (Go women!!) I install low voltage electrical. I was recently layed off, as in 6 days ago recently. That job was my first in my newly chosen career. I am part of a union and the work outlook  is actually pretty decent, I expect to be back to work in a month or so. Hopefully anyway. But me getting layed off is only the half of it. This month, I am moving, my 2yo son's sitter is moving, (so new daycare) and school started. So my layoff isn't exactly upsetting right now, but that even kealed, no drama life I crave-completly out the window!

     My kids are dropped off, coffee perculating in my stomache, and I am off to pack another box that won't even make a dent in the amount of 'stuff' I own! Everytime I move I promise myself I am going to thin out my belongings, but it's never ending! Remember how I said I crave simplicity? I dream of having a home like in the magazines. All that modern furniture, everything in it's place. Where do those people keep all their 'stuff'? I mean, everyone has 'stuff', right? I'm not the only one here am I? I have come to the conclusion, I need to get rid of my kids, then the 'stuff' will be gone. It's all their 'stuff' anyway! LOL! Blame it on the kids! Works for me. Well I'm off to pack......
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