Friday, September 18, 2009

My little tornado

     Another fun day of packing. HM is at the sitters, and SPF at school. HM has to be at the sitters in order for me to pack. That little man likes to go behind me and pull things out of boxes as quickly as I can manage to put things in. I know he is just being a normal 2yo, but as a mom I really hate that excuse. The "he's just a normal 2yo" (in a sing song voice of course) excuse. I don't care if every 2yo on the planet screams like he does, I HATE it when mine does it!! Can I say that again? I HATE HATE HATE it!! Knowing mine is just like everybody else's does not make this stage any easier. I know you mom's feel me on this point, right?

     My son has got to be the sweetest boy on the planet, and oh so cute! No he really is, not just saying that because he's mine or anything. No really, the sweetest and the cutest!! LOL. But anyway, he is all boy. My daughter was one of those extremely easy kids. Easy going, happy, content, satisfied, no terrible twos, really she was so easy. She is rough and tough and has always played like a boy, so I thought having a boy would be about like her. YEAH RIGHT!! So another words, we are smack dab in the middle of some pretty terrible, terrible twos!!

     So HM is at the sitters and I am feeling like she is looking at me like I am some terrible mom because I drop him off when I don't even have to work. Truth be told, nothing gets done with him around. I mean NOTHING!! How in the world is a 2yo faster at making a mess than a 34 yo is at cleaning it? I mean the boy has only been walking for a little over a year! Logically it just makes no sense! I have age, wisdom, and experience on my side. Those little tornados! It's us against them ladies, suit up! Seriously though, how do they do it? Gotta love em! Even as I sit here venting my frustrations, there is a smile on my face. Even when they frustrate us, they warm our hearts. Those little buggers!!

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