Monday, September 21, 2009

My very own wiggle worm

    So tonight we went back to the Y, SPF and I took belly dancing. We  took belly dancing in Las Vegas and loved it. This class was more fitness orientated, but still fun. The teacher was nice, but not very personable. But man, she was rock hard, and had an obvious ballet background. I think it's going to take more than a few belly dancing sessions to get me there! But it still kicked that Zumba class in the ass!

      HM is in the middle of yet another "clean out". This is his third. He had a super long (8 month) bout of diarrhea, so the specialist labeled it chronic constipation. Yes you read that right, diarrhea = constipation.? Yeah, I know, weird! Anyway, they determined he needs stool softeners, and laxatives every few weeks. So we are on day 2, of a 3 day colon cleanse right now. It's been oh so fun! Just think, a 2yo on laxatives. Now couple that with a natural wiggle worm that won't sit still for a diaper change, on a good day. Ever since he could roll over, he has been corkscrewing during diaper changes. I think you get the picture. Thank god he is not one of those kids that rips his own diaper off! That was SPF's favorite thing for awhile.

     I'm off to bed, the world doesn't stop just because I'm unemployed!! I don't have a paying "job" but still, my work is never done. Why is that? (Yes that's rhetorical.) I promise myself, and any readers I may get, that I will start photo documenting what I am writing about to make things more interesting. More work, oh well, what's one more thing on my plate?


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