Friday, April 30, 2010

I Don't Need Much

     WOW! I'm tired, I'm talking about that tired to the bone that isn't cured by a good nights sleep. The kind of tired that relief  comes only as your children age and the constant "on" switch is able to dim a little. I keep waiting for the terrible twos to come to an end, but, I can't help but wonder if it ever will. Am I gonna have one of those boys that just remains a challenge? "One day at a time" I tell myself, "Just take it one day at a time."

      I, unfortunately, am not one of those lucky moms that only has one job. (Being a mom) No, I have to work outside the home, as well as the full time job as M-O-M. Things in my career life are moving forward. I am finally wrapping my head around all I have learned in the last year, and my ultimate goal is very close. But I find myself in over my head at home. I spend all of my time cooking, cleaning, prepping for the next day, the whole time trying to beat the clock so I get enough sleep to do it all again. I have, as a result of my at home madness, stopped having a life separate from my kids. Something I am finding to be crucial to one's sanity.
I haven't even been able to steal the few minutes it takes to post here. Before my last post I hadn't even turned on my computer in weeks. Can you believe that-weeks! It's insanity.

     So if I have any readers left, I want to ask you a question, or for advice really. How do I steal those much needed moments for myself? Moments to log on, call a friend, or heaven forbid, take a bath? Please don't add salt to injury by telling me how you leave your hubby with the kids and off you go. No hubby, no night time sitter, no relatives close enough to just pop over. I'm needing ways to stretch the clock, easy recipes, cleaning schedules and/or tips, anything that will allow my burden to lessen. Anything that will allow me a couple extra minutes. I'm only asking for a little, I don't need too much.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I know I suck....

     Ok, I suck, I know- I totally and completely suck! For the record, I am not dead, I was not injured, no crisis here, just some sporadic anti blogging. "No No, you say that isn't right, bloggers blog all day and night." (Yes you toddler mom's should recognise where I plagiarized that from. MMM...I feel like Barney right about now.)

     Too much has been going on for me to try and bore you by recapping it all, and since there were no major changes;  I will just continue on my merry way as if there were no interruptions.

     I was watching Dr. Oz and his cure for dry skin is to heavily moisturize, cover with saran wrap and go to bed. So I got out the olive oil, slathered it on my hands, skillfully covered them with slimy saran wrap, and realized they wouldn't last 2 seconds in my sleep. So I stole another old beauty trick and put a sock on each hand over my creations and drifted blissfully to sleep. Some point in the night HM crawled into my bed and was curios about mommy's sock hands. I rocked him and me back to sleep, and woke up as usual. Later in the morning I sent SPF to wake him and heard "MOM- Why does he have a sock on his hand?" He must have stole it off me in my sleep, Silly boy!

     Just a side note- SPF has become an expert at playing Mary Had a Little Lamb on her recorder. As much as I am trying to support  her musical aptitude- I'm ready to throw that dam thing out the window! Curse that school for teaching her that!!  But I bite my tongue in hopes she will be the first in the family to have any musical ability. Ear plugs anyone?...

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