Friday, February 18, 2011


     I just looked at the new(er) tab on my blogger dashboard..STATS. That is really cool in a totally blogger geek kind-of way. I got see where are all my stalkers live! LOVE IT!!

     It shows me everything. OK, not winning lotto numbers, no hints as to what to cook for dinner that my toddler might eat, no top secret weight loss methods, but everything as far as blog stats.

     I got to see when I was being viewed, from what countries, on what operating system, even the devices used. Then they made it complete by adding little pie graph pictures to everything, (I like pictures).  I'm sure to all you techs out there, this is old news, but to me-it's brand new. I was wowed.

     And no, this is NOT a review for Blogger, or Google, or anyone else. Just a little thing I found that has probably been on my dashboard for months that I am just now discovering. So check out your little tab, you might like it too...Happy Blogging  :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I wanna drag you face across the floor...

     Tonight, like any other night, I am seated on HM's bed reading the chosen story book, and having our goodnight moments. I finish reading, and cram my big butt next to him on his toddler bed, laying with him for some extra cuddle time. We were sharing his ladybug pillow pet, and he was squeezing me extra tight making me smile.

     There we lay, and he says to me "Mom, I wanna drag your face across the floor." "WHAT?" I try not to yell. I pull my head out of his death grip around my neck and look at him puzzled. Now I don't know if it's because he sensed my dismay and is old enough (3 & 1/2) for a quick cover, or if this is what he meant all along....He proceeds to tell me " I wanna drag your face across the floor so you can never leave my room cuz I love you and you are my best buddy ever!" "sigh" is all that is heard from me. Then a "I love you too my little sugar bump." I proceed to tuck him in, give him a million more goodnight kisses and quietly exit his room.

     I don't know if it was the relief I from hearing his sweet words after his mean ones, or if I am just that much wrapped around his finger; but I can honestly say I didn't even question how the whole dragging my face across the floor fit in to loving me so much until I wrote this post. How funny. I gotta give him points (yet again) for originality. Well gotta go, gotta wash all that dust off my face...I haven't vacuumed in awhile!! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Words...

     I have been procrastinating long's time to write. I have no idea what to say, but by the end of this post-some kind of words will lay themselves down here.

     I was laid off last week, so I have found myself with some extra time. I wasn't surprised to get laid off, I was expecting it. I also wasn't so disapointed for a little time off. But I am now ready to go back to work, and hopefully will next week. I work through a referal union, so it  takes the stress out of finding a job, it finds me. NICE!! But my time off was interupted by me catching HM's cold...NOT NICE!!

     I guess that's all I got right now...more will words come I am sure.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Old Men on The Street

     SPF apparently takes after her mother in that she has my sarcastic sense of humour. OK, first, let me start this first post of 2011 properly by wishing you all a happy new year. May all of your hard work in years past pay off for you, may your love lives be peaceful, and may you and your family be healthy and well this wonderful 2011!!

     Now back to the sarcasm I love so much....We were watching the new year's festivities from Times Square tonight when they interviewed New Kids on The Block. (Yes the same ones from early 90's.) My sweet little 9yo SPF says "New Kids on the Block? More like Old Men on the Street!" I thought I was gonna die! That girl is getting funnier and funnier every day! But she is completely right. Who told them and the Backstreet Boys to do a comeback anyway?

     Later I asked her what her resolutions are. We had a brief discussion that included a description of what a resolution is. She then went on to tell me her new years resolutions are to not smoke, not drink beer, and not kill her brother. Yeah, that would be coming right from the mouth of my 9yo non smoking, non drinking, sweet daughter. She is a character!!

     Kids are funny by nature, they have such a candid look on life, but SPF is cracking jokes! Yes I know all kids crack jokes, but she is saying stuff that is actually funny! Then of course she notices how funny I am finding her and then drives her jokes right into the ground, completely over does it. That's the 9yo sense of humour coming out I guess!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why is There a Drill Bit In My Underware Drawer?

     I recently moved (again-ughh!!), and yes, I really did find a drill bit in my underware drawer. Right after I heard myself saying this outloud in my head. (Is that even possible?) I thought- I gotta make that the tittle of a blog post. So here we are....

     Get your mind out of the gutter, no I'm not into any weird kinky stuff, I just happened to find a random drill bit in my underware drawer of all places. I found it pretty funny, and had to share.

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