Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post Op Meds

     I know it looks gross. Kind of freakish. Those of you who have seen prior posts know I have a condition called trigger finger. It causes my hands to catch when opening or closing, then to snap in place similar to a trigger mechanism.

     I have been putting off surgery, have had numerous cortisone shots, and have generally been waiting (hoping) for it to go away on its own. Realising the pain was getting the best of me, I went back to my Dr. Friday and decided to schedule surgery. Well before I had a chance to iron out the details, I woke up on Sunday morning with a locked up finger. Totally stuck, can't even force it open with my other hand. So off to surgery I go asap. This Thursday to be exact.

     Why am I sharing all this? It's my pre excuse. You see, I just left my pre op apt. and picked up my post op meds. Let me put it like this-if I can post, it's gonna be entertaining if nothing else!

     No, I'm sharing because that's what us bloggers do. Especially when faced with challenges harder than most. Normally I would be nervous, but my pain is making me look forward to the relief I have been promised surgery will being. Ahh,......to have normal hands again!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Me Against the Clippers

So I started by giving HM a haircut. a real cute one I might add. It was a little skater do. Short on the sides and back, long on top. after cutting his hair it occurred to me how much cute and more professional it would look if I hit the underside with clippers.....

My first mistake, buying a cheap pair. I'm buzzing his hair with the longest attachment and its longer in some spots and shorter in others. I incorrectly assume its because I had cut it too short in some spots with the scissors.

My second mistake, on I go to the next shorter size attachment. Needless to say its still uneven. I'm still not getting it, and I continue on. Then the inevitable......HE MOVES!!!

Why at this point do I not stop and take him to the barber for an emergency repair? I don't know. I think I was caught up in the moment. It was me against the clippers and I was determined to win, at any cost, even at the cost of my son's hair apparently!

I kept buzzing, it kept cutting, shorter and shorter, smallest attachment, no attachment, then....NO HAIR!!!

So in this battle of wits against a machine, I guess I must admit defeat. I keep trying to justify it to myself-telling myself I'm not the first mom to do this. It's nice for summer.(Even tho I do live in cool Seattle) His hair grows fast, etc., etc., etc. WHATEVER!!!!

The truth is he looks like some neo Nazi skin head, cancer vic, army recruit. Oh well, he loves it. that's what counts. Have any of you moms done this to your kids? Please don't let me have the only haircut from hell story!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

     My coworkers, and the tin can we call our break room. But as far as construction workers go-these people are pretty OK!

Monday, July 12, 2010


     Congratulations to the following people, you  have been randomly chosen as winners to go to the advance screening of Standing Ovation! :

     1.Autismyz -I have been unable to email you due to no contact info.
     6.Camryn - Winner of prize pack too!!

     I have contacted all the winners via email last night, and you have 24 hours to respond to claim your prizes. Congratulations again, and thank you for making my first giveaway such a success!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Standing Ovation advance screening passes giveaway!

     Standing Ovation, a great looking 'tween' movie, is set to hit theaters July 16th. A movie I know me and my kids will enjoy, and knowing my kids, we will enjoy it over and over and over again! My kids are in the perfect age group for this sort of movie, and I get to give away advance screening passes as well as a prize pack!!! Yay!! I can't wait....

Movie Synopses:

     If you loved High School Musical… then, think Junior High School Musical, as you shake to the awesome dance moves, listen to the cool new tunes and laugh your way through the most rockin’ movie musical event of the summer – Standing Ovation. This hip original music and dance-filled family film boasts an exciting cast of talented young newcomers, 20 new songs and 13 never-before-seen dance numbers that will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to put on your dancin’ shoes.

     Set in Atlantic City, junior high school best friends, Brittany (Kayla Jackson), Tatiana (Alexis Biesiada), Blaze Pilar Martin), Cameron (Kayla Raparelli) and Maya Na’jee Wilson) form the singing/dancing group, “The 5 Ovations.” Despite all odds, they chase their dreams of becoming champions in the biggest television music video contest of the year. They may be short on money, but they are rich in friendship, talent and hope and these street smart kids use their wits, courage and passion to create some fierce musical performances.

     When a national TV network announces a music video contest with a one million dollar grand prize, “The 5 Ovations” eagerly set to work on creating the perfect routine and music video. However, they must face off against their rival group, “The Wiggies” -- Ziggy (London Clark), Angel (Erika Corvette), Zita (Ashley Cutrona), Twiggy (Devon Jordan ) and Zoey (Jeana Zettler -- five rich, beautiful and scheming sisters whose performance trademark is their series of extravagant wigs and underhanded pranks. The Wiggies also enter the contest, helped by their flamboyant and unscrupulous father, Mr. Wiggs (Sal Dupree), who will stop at nothing to win … no matter what it takes!

     Standing Ovation is the feel-good music and dance movie of the summer. The high energy movie is a fun story about loyalty and perseverance that showcases the importance of friendship and working together while celebrating the meaning of family.

     You can check out the official website at Standing Ovation

     I can give away up to 10 (each admit 2) advance screening passes, and one extra lucky reader will receive the super prize pack pictured below

      Here's how to win it!!!

~*~*~Mandatory entry -Watch trailer and tell me your favorite part and/or character~*~*~

Extra entries:

1. Follow me publicly here through Google friend connect
2. Follow Standing Ovation blog
3. Connect with Standing Ovation on Facebook
4. Follow Standing Ovation on Twitter
5. Explore the Standing Ovation website
6. 3 extra entries for blogging about this giveaway with a link back here.
7. Tweet about this giveaway


This giveaway closes at 7-10-10

Please note- this is an advance screening in Lynwood, WA 7-14-10 at 7pm, and only local Seattle area people (or those that plan to be here on that day) should enter.

*** 2 kids and a cat did not recieve any money or compensation of any kind to host this giveaway***

Friday, July 2, 2010

Giveaway Tomorrow

     I get to host a giveaway-Finally!! All the details will be up this weekend, but I wanted to give my readers a heads up. It's an AWESOME giveaway, Ten lucky people will be winners, and I can't wait to get my giveaway post up. Stay tuned....

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