Friday, April 30, 2010

I Don't Need Much

     WOW! I'm tired, I'm talking about that tired to the bone that isn't cured by a good nights sleep. The kind of tired that relief  comes only as your children age and the constant "on" switch is able to dim a little. I keep waiting for the terrible twos to come to an end, but, I can't help but wonder if it ever will. Am I gonna have one of those boys that just remains a challenge? "One day at a time" I tell myself, "Just take it one day at a time."

      I, unfortunately, am not one of those lucky moms that only has one job. (Being a mom) No, I have to work outside the home, as well as the full time job as M-O-M. Things in my career life are moving forward. I am finally wrapping my head around all I have learned in the last year, and my ultimate goal is very close. But I find myself in over my head at home. I spend all of my time cooking, cleaning, prepping for the next day, the whole time trying to beat the clock so I get enough sleep to do it all again. I have, as a result of my at home madness, stopped having a life separate from my kids. Something I am finding to be crucial to one's sanity.
I haven't even been able to steal the few minutes it takes to post here. Before my last post I hadn't even turned on my computer in weeks. Can you believe that-weeks! It's insanity.

     So if I have any readers left, I want to ask you a question, or for advice really. How do I steal those much needed moments for myself? Moments to log on, call a friend, or heaven forbid, take a bath? Please don't add salt to injury by telling me how you leave your hubby with the kids and off you go. No hubby, no night time sitter, no relatives close enough to just pop over. I'm needing ways to stretch the clock, easy recipes, cleaning schedules and/or tips, anything that will allow my burden to lessen. Anything that will allow me a couple extra minutes. I'm only asking for a little, I don't need too much.


  1. I feel you on that kind of tired. I really do. I schedule time for myself. Sounds kind of silly but I do. I have to or else I'm the one who falls apart and I can't do that. It's probably why I've been so run down lately because I keep forgetting to schedule it in. 15 minutes in the morning to read a book or check email or what ever it is when the house is quiet and no one else is yelling for me.
    As far as recipes go we eat a lot of mac and cheese and quessadillas. Horrible I know but I cannot seem to get dinner planned, made, bought whatever. It seems like at least 4 nights a week I completely forget that everyone needs to eat. The other thing I'm trying to get back into is the flylady for cleaning. Not so much her steps as Monday do the kitchen, tuesday the bathrooms, wednesday vaccuum. She annoys the crud out of me in assuming no one has little kids or a life outside their house, but the schedule does work if you do 15 minutes doses of it.
    I wish there was some magic wand or pill to give people with to much on their plate some energy or a break as soon as I find it I'll share I promise.

  2. I know how you feel. What ever it is , your kids will grow. When I was darn tired like how you are feeling now, I would remind myself, this is not forever, it will pass and before you know it they are all grown and you would kinda missed these days. Praise yourself at time like this and make yourself feel great. I think you are fabulous juggling between jobs and kids. Mums are the greatest and don't ever think that what you are doing now go unnoticed. At lease God knows and now I know too. Have a great week ahead. Smile always.

  3. I have been unemployed for a while now, so I have time during the day.

    But I have been a single mom for 7.5 years, and up until last year, I had been wrestling with this dilemma, too.

    I would go to bed at 8:30, the same time I put my daughter to bed, so that I could wake up at least an hour before she did. This is still our routine.

    Housework took a backseat to everything else. Meals were simple. Very simple. And sometimes I would borrow some DVD's from the library for her to watch. She would get so involved in them and she would pay me no attention. This would give me a chance to read or check on my email for a little while.

    Do you have another mother in your neighborhood that you could trade babysitting with? Maybe another single mom?


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