Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zumba- NOT!!

     Ok, so today I drug the kids to the local Y so I could finally try out a Zumba class. I have been lusting over the infomercials, seen all the great results, but have never tried it before today. I love to dance, I actually do enjoy exercising, I have always wanted to learn moves like those sexy salsa girls-seemed like a perfect fit. NOT!

     The instructor was nice, the music was cool, but the class was so boring. Am I missing something? Was I doing it wrong? It all looked so enjoyable on TV. When I say this class was boring, I mean boring, like walking on a slow treadmill with no TV or magazine, or anything type of BORING. Usually in a cardio class the hour flies by,  I found myself watching the clock slowly tick, all the while doing the grapevine or some other silly move. Is this what I must do to fit back in my jeans this winter? O fine, whatever.

     I am not giving up, I will continue to pursue the elusive perfect Zumba class, I have faith that I will find one like on TV. I have faith that the umpteen Guess? jeans in my closet will not sit there unworn and lonely all winter. They will once again socialise with their old pal black leather boots. (high heel of course!) We will be triumphant! Just you see boring old Zumba class!


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