Thursday, September 17, 2009

The journey begins

    As I embarked on this journey, my head was swimming with things to say. Where do I start? What do you want to hear?  I got stuck for a week picking a name (all the obvious ones were taken), untill I finally convinced myself I needed to settle on a name before I could let all my words out. That is the point here, right?  During that week my head kept popping with perfectly brilliant things to write about. The perfect mixes of humour and fact. Now that the blog is actually up and running, I find myself challenged. Is this all I could come up with? Are you serious? Me? The one never at a loss for words? Well it's my blog, and if I want to ramble, ramble I shall.

     I am in the middle of all things in my life changing, yet again. I crave simplicity, no drama, an even kealed life. Do I ever get it? HECK NO!! I work in the construction trade, a newly chosen carreer for me. (Go women!!) I install low voltage electrical. I was recently layed off, as in 6 days ago recently. That job was my first in my newly chosen career. I am part of a union and the work outlook  is actually pretty decent, I expect to be back to work in a month or so. Hopefully anyway. But me getting layed off is only the half of it. This month, I am moving, my 2yo son's sitter is moving, (so new daycare) and school started. So my layoff isn't exactly upsetting right now, but that even kealed, no drama life I crave-completly out the window!

     My kids are dropped off, coffee perculating in my stomache, and I am off to pack another box that won't even make a dent in the amount of 'stuff' I own! Everytime I move I promise myself I am going to thin out my belongings, but it's never ending! Remember how I said I crave simplicity? I dream of having a home like in the magazines. All that modern furniture, everything in it's place. Where do those people keep all their 'stuff'? I mean, everyone has 'stuff', right? I'm not the only one here am I? I have come to the conclusion, I need to get rid of my kids, then the 'stuff' will be gone. It's all their 'stuff' anyway! LOL! Blame it on the kids! Works for me. Well I'm off to pack......

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