Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tackling the Christmas mess

     I ran into a wonderful "Tackle it Tuesday" challenge on 5minutesformom I  decided to tackle my leftover Christmas mess, I started yesterday but had much left over today.

     First my table. The pic only shows about half as bad as it got. At this time my living room was still full of gifts, and we had not seen the other side of the family. The pile at least doubled in size when all gifts for the kids were received.

     Here it is today: (also notice the leaf is out of it and put away)

     Yesterday I purged HM's room in order to fit in his new toys. I now have a tub to go to goodwill, and a tub (plus some) ready to go to Grandma's, or away for a rainy day or whatever:

     My entry way was piled high with empty boxes, wrapping paper, etc. Don't have before pics, but let me tell you- it was hard to even get out my front door! Here it is today:

     Seeing that pic makes me realize it looks really bland and empty. I need art or pictures or something, maybe next Tuesday... I also was inspired by Amy's freezer inventory and plan to tackle that today, or sometime soon. Looks like I have plenty I am accountable for next week.

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