Sunday, December 27, 2009

Much better day

     Much better day today. I, of course, did not know how much better it was until an hour ago or so. HM was throwing his usual fits, all worse than normal due to his extreme tiredness. He awoke today about 9 am, (7 hours sleep) and only napped for 20 minutes. I thought I was gonna die! House is a mess, Christmas evidence everywhere, and that dang toddler won't give me a break! Then miraculously he fell asleep in my arms, in mid fit, at 6:15 tonight! Yes today is a good day! Now if only I can get myself up at the crack of dawn our schedules will be saved.

     I missed the whole opportunity to post pictures of our Christmas. So here are some cute ones.

     You can probably see why I put up with so much out of HM, he is just so darn cute!!!


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