Thursday, December 24, 2009

Traditional overspending

     So quickly Christmas is upon us. Prime rib in my fridge, gifts wrapped, plans made, and menus shopped for. Such a busy season, but we  tend to make it busier than it has to be. Why do we, as adults, feel the need to drain our funds and rack our brains buying so many useless gifts? Gifts for people we don't really know or necessarily like. Yet we feel obligated to purchase impersonal items for said people. Trying to think what to buy when you don't even know what colors they like. A favorite animal? A decorating scheme? Nada, nothing, total blank. It's just silly, a total waste of money.

     Then of course there is the traditional overspending on our loved ones. The feelings of guilt if we don't, and the guilt when we do. Knowing some bill is getting put on the back burner to finance Christmas. I love Christmas, I really do. I have small children, and I love watching them through this season. I just can't help but feel some of it is too much, unnecessary. I guess I could change things, maybe I could impose a spending limit, or a homemade gifts only rule. But I'm no different then my kids, I still look forward to the loot I'm getting! Oh well, tis life I guess....

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