Sunday, December 27, 2009

1am, and....

     It's 1 am and I'm still ushering HM back to bed! We have done 3 rounds of me shutting the door and walking out, (only serves to upset him and hype him up more) and countless walks back to the bedroom. This is ridiculous. Everyone says be firm, be consistent, yeah well-bring your firm consistent ass over here and train my toddler to sleep on his own! At this point it is a battle of the wills. I keep looking over to see his cute face peering around the corner at me. Poor guy is exhausted, puffy eyes and all-yet he is still fighting it. And to think, the nurses told me toddlers will just fall over at some point. Apparently not mine.

     So I'm on my third glass of wine, (I asked the Dr. for valium but she refused so I have resorted to self medicating.) and I would be more than willing to go to sleep. But HM in true toddler fashion, is refusing. Doesn't he realize how much better it feels to sleep then to fight off tiredness?  I love sleep, I am the type that could sleep the day away if it weren't for these pesky rug rats of mine. BTW, HM got up 3 times while I was writing the last paragraph, only once so far while writing this one! Am I winning the battle? Why does so much of parenting feel like an us (parents) against them (kids) affair? I never thought it would be like that before I had kids.

     I could blame it on holiday excitement, last week it was the excitement of my dad staying with us, but the truth is,  it's been going on for months. I have no excuse other than lack of firmness and consistency! So here I am self medicating and chasing a toddler back to his bed every few minutes! This is exhausting, he must be superman!


  1. Whoever came up with the expression "let them cry it out" obviously never had a stubborn toddler! (I do as well) and it's absolutely heartbreaking to have them stare at u with tear filled eyes & pitiful looks! The only thing that got our daughter through the night in HER room was my husband having had enough & "tough loving" it. Sucked for me, but worked a charm, so stick at it - and GOOD LUCK!

  2. Ever since all of the Christmas excitement my son has been acting out exactly the same way -- which totally sucks since we'd finally gotten into an awesome bedtime routine that included one round of extra tuck-ins at the most!

    He's totally exhausting me!

    I hate feeling so frustrated with him but I need some mommy time myself.

    Let's hope our stubborn boys give up on this act of their's soon!!


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