Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A message to wanna be teen moms

     Today I would like to send a message, a vision really, to all of you wanna be teen moms. All you girls with your racing hormones, your undying love for your boyfriend of the week, and what you swear is your biological clock ticking. A certain emptiness you feel that you just know would be filled by a baby. Well let me tell you girl- ENJOY THAT EMPTINESS!! I'm not trying to judge you, i get it. I was just like you, luckily I waited until my twenties and thirties to have mine. I would just like to take this opportunity to share a little story with you, and please don't kid yourself, and think this is a rarity, or that it won't happen to you.

     Today I went to the restroom like any other day, and both my kids followed me in there yapping there little heads off, like any other day.  I have been hanging out at home all day catching up on chores and wearing some exercise type clothes. Well, in this particular outfit my stomach popped out when I sat down. (Of course it's um, ...only in this outfit and only when I sit. LOL) The kids thought that was about as funny as can be. They proceeded to poke at it, show me theirs, make theirs  roll up, act like it was talking, laughing their little butts off. Then SPF laughed so hard she spit all over me, this was of course the icing on the cake for them. HM thought it was so hilarious he started spitting too. So here is two laughing, spitting, kids with their stomachs hanging out, poking at my stomach, and all I wanna do is pee!

     So that was the highlight of my day, along with a trip to Target that ended with us rushing out the store for an emergency diaper change. So what horror story would you, my fellow moms, give a wanna be teen mom? 



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  1. Oh, I HAD to respond to this. I WAS a "teen mom" at the ripe old age of 16. It is NOTHING like the fluffy, 'coo' filled warm t.v commercial shots you see on t.v. I love that you had an emergency diaper blowout - those are frequent, & as for trying to pee by yourself ... good luck! Wait for the "ONE", get to know each other, then start your family. It's how it was meant to be - it's how it works, and your friends may think you look "cool" with a baby on your hip - but where are they for the 2am feeding? GREAT post!


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