Saturday, October 24, 2009

A good old fashioned A-hole!!

     I work construction, and as everyone knows it's a career that appeals to mostly men. Very few of us women on the job sites, or in the trades at all. Being one of only a handful of women, I am a victim of sexism on a pretty regular basis. I was warned before going into this career, and as result I am hyper aware of it.

     Sexism comes in many forms. One time it may be the man (or men), that makes me do all the heavy lifting type of work to "show me" what I got myself into. (i. e. run me off.)  Other times it may be the man that won't let me do anything either because he thinks I'm too stupid to figure it out, or he is trying to be extra polite, but same end result-boredom. I stand around doing nothing all day. Sometimes it's unintentional I'm sure, he or they simply just don't know how to act around me. I even understand where they are coming form a little. That has always traditionally been a man's world, but no more!

     Friday at work, I came to the realization that some men aren't sexist at all, they are just a-holes. I have spent the last 2 weeks at my new job dealing with some real jerks. Pranks, comments, the whole 9 yards, there have been some real mature winners on this job site! But one guy in particular stands out. He always has something to say. I thought it was his attitude toward women, he is an old timer and they seem to be more set in their ways. I see him every day, but we work for different companies doing different jobs. I ran into him alot last week and was observing his actions. I figured out his type, he's not sexist, he is an equal opportunity a-hole!

     Does this mean that others I assumed were treating me badly because I am a woman, really weren't? Was I wrong to assume they were sexist? Was I looking for it because that's what I feared the most? I guess it feels good to know that people like that treat everyone like sh*t, it's not just because I am a woman. Never thought I would be glad to meet a good old fashioned a-hole!

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