Saturday, October 10, 2009

I got a job today

     It's been so long since I have wrote anything. I have however, kept my promise, and have been photo documenting little moments in our lives. Not much good it does when I'm too lazy to go get the camera and actually post the pics. Oh well, it's small steps, right?

     I have been so busy with the move I have had no time to write. Yet somehow this blog remains on my mind much of the time. I am finding that my relationship with this blog is blossoming into the type of relationship one would have with a human. I think about it often, and feel guilty when I don't tend to it. Then the longer I am away, the guiltier I feel, and find it harder to return. That is very much like a personal relationship, one with your mother perhaps? I feel as if I am letting someone down if I don't write. Then I wake up and remind myself that I, and maybe a couple of family members, are the only ones that are going to read this blog. So F*** it, I'm writing today. No need to slither in on my belly.

     Well the move went as well as one could expect a move to go. Hired some idiots that managed to milk their hourly wage for all it's worth, but worked at a steady pace and eventually got the job done. Good news on the home front, I got a job today. Excited that I am working again, yet dreading the gruesome schedule. The construction industry is not only hard on your nails, it's hell on your beauty sleep too! Getting laid off came at a perfect time, and so did going back to work. I only spent a month down, can't really complain. Now I'm up and running again.

     I'm off to bed, lots to do tomorrow. SPF has her birthday / slumber party tomorrow. Every time I host one of these things I feel the need to knock myself out so everything will be perfect. I had alot of money in a past life, so I use go all out financially too. Things have changed but my attitude has not. Luckily I have the sweetest 8yo that is not the least bit spoiled and understands things are different now. Goodnight on that note.

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