Monday, October 19, 2009

Settling in....

     Finding time to write seems equivalent to walking a tight rope at this point in my life! Handsome Mortal is sick, tonsillitis, SPF had a slumber party last weekend, and I have actually managed to make it to work every day. Getting back into my work routine has proven very hard.  Somehow I have managed, but I keep forgetting to take my prepared meals out of the freezer! Why is the eternal dilemma - what's for dinner? - always the thorn in our sides? But I have gotten some kind of homemade dinner on the table every night!

     Sometimes I just sit back and am absolutely amazed at myself. The amount I manage to accomplish, and balance in my life. I am impressed with my strength. Physical, mental, and inner strength. Working on a construction site and being able to do all that is required of me gives me loads of self confidence! Balancing that with my family life just increases that feeling. I can't help but look at myself as if I am looking at somebody else, I never would have thought me capable. Of course I'm usually too busy beating myself up for all kinds of other things, that I don't give myself the credit I deserve. Little by little we move forward, always by inches, never by feet.

     We are all settled in the new place, and we are so much happier. Time to get the little ones off to bed. Tomorrow is picture day for SPF, and I have no clue how to approach that. What hair style could I possibly do that will be quick tonight, make it thru the night, and survive her abuse for 5 hours in the morning before she gets the pic took? I guess I have to pick my battles, as my friend in Vegas would tell me. Well I think I am going to end this scatter brained blog entry now. More to come....

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