Monday, November 23, 2009

Who needs a job like that anyway?

     I got laid off again. (How was that for a smooth intro?) When this happened to me in Sept. I was so shocked. It was unexpected, and I couldn't help but take it personal. Lay offs are just part of the construction industry, but going through it for the first time was no less of a slap in the face! The timing of it was perfect as far as other events in my life, but still, no income is no income no matter how you dice it up!

     This lay off was more expected, and frankly more welcome. I loved my last job, I was learning so much, working with great people, I felt good. This job was like a reunion for A-holes R us! Not that they were old, but had the male mentality of a different generation. Maybe I'm just in denial that men as a whole have even moved past that way of thinking. Mmmmm? I look at men like my father who always taught me that as a woman I can do anything I want. He is a working electrician, yet never let any of my 'I'm just a girl' excuses fly as a kid. So here I am showing up on job sites thinking that all those men would be as forward thinking as he is. YEAH RIGHT!! Well, you get the point, this job was no love lost!

     The part I am having a hard time with (besides the whole no income thing again) is the timing with my illness. BTW-much better now, thanks for asking. When I called in and reported it was flu I had, they said I needed a doctor's note. They didn't want the usual excuse from a Dr., they wanted a clearance letter as to when I could return and that I was no longer contagious. So here I am schlepping my butt to the doctor for their stupid note, just to get laid off the next day! Aah, the nerve! Oh well, that job was like a bad fitting shoe, and who needs a job like that anyway?

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