Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Poo Poo in the Potty

     For those of you who have been following we have been having an issue with poo poo in the potty, so today was quite exciting for us! First he went poo poo in the potty:

This is him saying "cheese"

     Then after such success, he couldn't leave Barney out, oh no, he had to go to:

     Then the hand washing: (for both)

     Then the bribery candy for successfully going in the potty:

He is pinning Barney down force feeding him candy for his poop success!

     That went so well, and the candy was so good, he ran back for a repeat:

BTW-he put himself on backwards.

WAIT!! That Barney sings your favorite songs, NOT IN THE WATER!!!!

I am so proud!

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  1. Thats hilarous! Congratulations!

  2. who did his circumcision they did a very nice job i would love to suck him down


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