Monday, January 18, 2010

No I didn't!!!, But I did...

     I just want to post about my Yo Yo of the year week award. Thank you to all you little people that made this possible. Thank you to my devoting parents never forgetting to install absent mindedness into me, but the biggest thank you to each of my children. Them, who are always willing to give  my mind a distraction to think about instead of the task at hand, let all my brain cells be yours someday...(which don't amount to much at this point.)

     Today I asked SPF to take the clothes out of the dryer and move the ones from the washer into the dryer. Trying to save my healing back, she agreed. When she was done I started the dryer and put another load in the wash. I started the water, put in the soap, was about 75% done loading it and ..."NO I DIDN"T!!!". I reloaded the wash with the very same towels SPF had just took out of the dryer for me. Of course at this point it's too late as they have soap and water on them. Oh well, another 'what can you do?' moment.


  1. WOOOOOOW!! Your site looks fantastic! Even more so since you did it yourself! Well done - and again, Thank you - without you I wouldn't have half the code for my blog that I do - so you're AWESOME!!
    I love the pics in your header :D

  2. Hey - I was wondering (and I may ave already asked you this, but do you want me to make you a button? NOT saying you aren't capable, its just that I like making them :D


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