Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jiggity Jig

     Today was a long day for me. Took SPF to school, came home so HM and I could get ready for the day. (BTW-he pooped in the potty again!!! I am such a proud mother! ) Anyway, brought him to school then it was off to Walmart for me. I had to buy SPF a pre pay phone because hers is broken, and she is going to a sleep over tonight. (No school tomorrow.) Why does an 8 yo have a phone you wonder? So she can get embarrassed when I call her of course!

     Home again home again jiggity jig. Call Verizon get the pre pay activated, WAIT, call back and convince them to put SPF's original line on the pre pay phone, therefor making it no longer a pre pay. (Against the rules I think, but so thankful.) Back out again. Drop off said phone to SPF's school, got my haircut, it is so hard to keep up with this short hair! Then back to walmart to pick up a sheet set I found on sale. Then off to the Dr.

     I went to see a naturopathic Dr. to do biofeedback. It's supposed to be a stress reducing tool. It's like some crazy thing from a sixties flashback (not that I was there). They clip this probe  onto your ear and the other end goes in to the computer through a USB port. It all seemed a little hokie to me.   This device can tell the doc when you are stressed so she can help you practice techniques to reduce your stress. I failed miserably. I was told to think of a happy, warm fuzzy thing. I thought of the birth of my kids, didn't work. Thought of first words, etc., nothing worked-I stayed stressed. Maybe thinking of them was my mistake, mmmmm....the root of my stress? NAH..., couldn't be them!

     Then to pick up HM from school. WAIT! I need dinner, stop at the grocery on the way to get him. Realise in the parking lot of day care it's way too late to cook, order pizza. Walk in to get him, and I find him having a thermometer shoved in his arm pit. OH NO, he's sick still! Come to find out he was clingy and crying for me all day. Talk about a knife through my heart! He didn't have a fever all day yesterday, I would have never have sent him if I knew he was still sick. And this Dr. wants me to do relaxation techniques and meditate? When would that be? Go take your bio feedback and shove it up your a$$. I mean, I'm just saying......

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  1. Gotta love those days. At least you have another day of pooping in the potty. That's somethin'. Hang in there.


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