Sunday, January 17, 2010

The last 10 Vicodin on earth

     I have been staying up to all hours of the night working on my blog, only to realize I haven't actually posted in awhile. So I'm writing today about something that I have alot of raw emotions about-doctors! Not just doctors, but the whole flawed system really. No I am not going to bore you by talking about health care reform or anything political, just my experience this last week.

     I was taking SPF to school on Thurs. and HM threw a fit at the door, I bent to scoop him up and got stuck. My back was out. Somehow I managed to get the kids dropped off (late-not that I can fully blame it on my back.), and went to see the Dr.  Mind you I recently changed insurance so had to see the new Dr anyway for prescription refills and what not. So here I am waddling like a duck walking in there, feeling like some kind of junkie asking for pain meds and muscle relaxants. I hate that, I always feel like they are looking at me fish eyed when I ask for something for the pain. Are there really that many out there abusing the system that when an in pain mom comes in you have to dole them out like they are the last ten vicodin on earth? Seriously?

     Then there is the ibuprofen, yes the same stuff I can walk in to any store and buy. I ask for prescriptions so insurance will pick up the tab. They act like that's liquid gold too, I'm so sick of this game. The hoops we have to jump through.

     So the next day (Fri) HM has an appointment and is diagnosed with mild asthma.  (I'm not convinced) The Dr gives him a baby inhaler, but with no refills!! So you think this kid has asthma but he will only need one inhaler? I know the game, they want us to come back see her again, she gets paid again, and we get another inhaler. So stupid!

     Really there was alot more to this story, like them dispensing me meds I am allergic to trying to replace what I have been taking all along with something cheaper. (Oops) Other things too, but it all boils down to how flawed our whole system is. Why is it so hard to just get the care we need? I know what's wrong with me, I know when I take that pill it fixes it- why won't you just give me that? No I don't want to try something newer/cheaper/better, that old one worked for me just fine. IDIOTS!!!

     OK, I think I'm done with this rant now.Thanks for listening

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