Sunday, January 10, 2010

What are the secrets?

     I started this blog under advice from my father when I was laid off, it was his suggestion as a way for me to make a little money. The more and more  I write, the more I find I enjoy it. I also love the fact that this has become a sort of online scrapbook, or journal that can be enjoyed by my family and friends not near me. I am free to write candidly about anything I want. I picture you, my readers, as always having a sympathetic ear in agreeance with me. And if you don't agree- TOO BAD, it's MY blog!

     Well, the time has come for me to ask for help. How do I do this whole blog thing? I tried to make mine prettier, but the "cutest blog on the block" link superimposed on my page over my date. How do I get more readers? How do I get to review products, and give them to you  in giveaways? What are the secrets? I search the Internet for blogs similar to mine, and only follow or comment on ones I fell a connection too, ones I like what I am reading. So often I run across blog after blog that have hundreds, if not thousands, of followers. Yet, they are nothing more than a huge page of advertisements. Is that what success amounts to in the blogging world? They no longer have to blog? Just sit back and collect the checks? Is there a way to make money, gain a large readership, and stay true to my blog? I want to continue to write, to express myself for better or worse on my blog. I also want people to read me, and of course some extra money wouldn't hurt either.

     Any help, advice, or links you could give me would be appreciated. I am new to the whole blogging thing, and maybe a bit naive. I would love to learn more about improving the looks of my blog, my readership, and of course my income opportunities. If this is not too top secret, please share with me. So I ask you all- what advice would you give to a new mommy blogger?


  1. Firstly, lol @ HM with his oh so funny, yet charming attempts to "help" his mommy. That rules! (lol even more @ the "Don't act like you never do it")
    I like your blog, as for the imposing over the date, if you can HTML, then I would check where the problem therein lies, but since you posted a question asking in the first place, I'm guessing you don't know how too. I would honestly suggest getting another blog? Maybe that would help? Or making sure you checked the Minima template before you uploaded the code.
    As for starting out in reviews & giveaways, Night Owl Mama posted a few tips (you may have to check her archive) about getting started in product review. Also, try joining The PR Place, they have a lot of bloggers there, and companies go there to find reviewers & blogs to do them!
    You could join Twitter Moms, they have great resources, but basically, you have to start from scratch. A site counter I've heard is a good addition to a blog, try and join some other blog communities to get the word out about your blog - but first thing, give yourself an identity. What are you blogging about? What reviews would you do? (Kids, household, pets, etc.) And customize your blog and posts to that area. That's a way to attract sponsors with those items. Also - (this was the best advice I read) don't try and be someone else. You are YOUR own person (for instance - you're funny as hell, so your huor would be an asset) & then just PR the heck out of your blog. Twitter it, Pr it, and play nice with other bloggers (I've heard theres such a thing as a blog 'snob', although I'm yet to encounter this mythical creature) Really, it's alot of hours, alot of checking around, and I don't really know the in's and out's of it, this is just from things I've read. The giveaway I'm hosting mid-Feb. is really thanks to the woderful owner of the store offering to do one for me (she thought I was lovely - even after I pointed out I only had 12 followers, lol)But I've also heard its not about 'followers', its about word of mouth. ALSO! Do the things like Wordless Wednesday (where you post a pic, then link your site to someone elses) You will need a Widget for this, so the best place is to try Mr. Linky, it's easy to install, and then you can link up with those types of things. Aloha Friday, is another one - just stroll around different blogs (the ones who have a tonne of followers, know what they're doing and are super nice. My favorite 2 blogs are 5 Minutes for Mom, and J. Leigh Designs, they're both really good sites to learn how a blog should be (widget, easy to use wise)
    So after writing this novel, I hope some of it helps!

  2. Very informative, thank you. You guessed it, don't have a clue about HTML-I learned how to type on typewriters. They were things they had back in the stone ages, but anyway...I thank you so much for your input and I will try it all. One last question- can you add a few extra hours to my day? Not even working right now and still barely find time for this!!

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