Friday, January 8, 2010

Confessions from a tweeter

     So  I joined Twitter, and I have some confessions to make. I think Twitter is completely stupid! I mean, who really cares what I am doing on a minute to minute basis during the day? I know I could care less when the next person is going to the bathroom, or waiting to pick up their kids at the local middle school, or whatever.  I admit it, I only joined twitter to drum up traffic on my blog, and be able to put that cute little bird on here. OK, that being said; I feel  I have found the perfect way to utilize Twitter, and am growing quite fond of sending my little text messages in to my profile. I am trying to diet (who isn't?), and I am using it as my food diary. Since I am honest with myself, and know that you could care less when I stub my toe, or burn my dinner,  I am tweeting simply for my own benefit.

     Now on to my diet. It wasn't exactly a resolution because I didn't start until yesterday. I am doing low carb for 2 weeks, then low carb with fruits and veggies like carrots there after. I need to lose 30 pounds, but would love to lose 40-my blog and my twitter are my support system for now. I invite anyone and everyone to participate.  (please oh please diet with me!!!) I plan to tweet all of my meals and snacks from here on out. Even if I cheat, I am going to hold myself accountable and post that too. I will be planning all meals a week in advance, and post that here as well. I would love everybody's support, and would love to find some diet partners out there too. (No, I'm not calling you fat...)



  1. lol @ not calling you fat.
    Twitter takes a lot of getting used to, I hated it when I first started, & thought it was completely pointless - now, it's ok. Not great (I prefer Facebook) but bearable. (Although I still suck at Twitter parties!)
    Good luck for you and your diet! I actually lucked out because I have Lupus (autoimmune disease that BITES, no cure, does kill) anyway - I got really sick & couldn't eat anything and went from 185-190 pounds to 120!! (At least smth good came out of it)
    I followed you on Twitter, so I'm going to *applause* when u stay where you want to be, & *sympathize* when you don't - deal? :D

  2. DEAL! Thank you for your support. Sucks about Lupis, but I would be lying if I said I didn't wish something like that would happen to me. Twitter parties? What's that?


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