Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Disaster fundraiser

     Are you guys watching this? It's breaking my heart, bringing tears to my eyes. There is a terrific fundraiser with the biggest stars on tonight. Everyone is there preforming and answering phones, all in order to raise money to rebuild Haiti.

     You can donate at I have also installed a widget on the top left of my blog which allows you to donate as well. (No I do not get PPC or anything off that link) The website hope for Haiti now boasts 100% going directly to Haiti, I can't say the same for my link on here.

     My point is, if you can spare anything, please do. I know times are hard for all of us, but every little bit helps. Even $1.00 can add up to alot if enough people donate that dollar. If you visit my blog, please pass this message along and post something similar on your blog.  (If you haven't already.) Thank you


  1. I HATE that things like this have to happen, It breaks my heart as well, but it always brings out the best in human nature, to see those who will do anything to help someone in need!
    I'm going to be doing your button tonight, so I'll email it by morning, any preferences on color etc? Let me know
    And thank YOU - you were my first blog friend :D


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