Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tackling my blog

      Before you say anything, let me just say- it's still Tuesday here in Seattle. (Better late than never, right?) Today, and many days before, I tackled my blog. I successfully changed it to a 3 column a few days back, but was lacking a header that popped.  Mind you, I am not the most computer literate, and had no idea what HTML was. I am however pretty bright and a quick study (pats herself on back). I found so much help at  aprilshowersblogdesign.com. Then I got creative. I not only figured out how to put that header in there, I made the whole thing myself. You would be more impressed if I told you that I didn't even know I had the photo editing software on my computer before yesterday that made it all possible.

      Yes I admit, my computer skills are seriously lacking. I am at that age right before it was common place to teach computer stuff in school. Unless you  had a job in that field you weren't really on them. Not like today where everything is on computers! So I let myself slip through the cracks. But today I tackled this header and I love it. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the world's cutest kids are pasted all over it!

     Well that's my pride and joy for the day. The only problem with learning all this HTML junk, and tweaking my blog? I can't stop! The more I do, the more I realise I can do, and then the more I want to do. Does it ever end? 


  1. It looks great! And youre right...those are cute kids.

  2. Yes, learning about blogging has me addicted too! I love being a mom but it kind of gives me an adult outlet to learn and express! I've never tackled a header so I am very impressed with yours!

    Thank you of your advice about potty training as well! I'm glad you became a follower and I will follow you as well.

  3. Very nice. I, too, am self-taught and was so excited when I finally figured out (duh) how to arrange pictures in a landscape word doc and then take a screen shot, crop, and voila! I look at all of the headers that people buy but know I'd get tired of it after a few weeks; love to change it up. Oh, and it was a big moment of pride when I managed to add a third column to mine. Yay!


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