Monday, February 1, 2010

Today was a good day

     Today started like any other day, me giving into my obsessive tendencies and cleaning like a mad woman, and the kids messing like, well...., kids. I do have to give SPF credit today, as she did do an awesome job cleaning her room-even if it only stayed that way for 5 minutes! The day started out somewhat hectic, but in the end we had a fun day.

     HM got in touch with his feminine side:

Oh he's gonna hate me for those pics! So cute I couldn't resist. Then we went to the park:

     Then to the mall to finally stuff the bears the kids got from their great uncle for Christmas:


     But  apparently the high heels were quite a workout, because HM didn't exactly make it to the bear stuffing part:

     But he was delighted to see the finished result and raid SPF's drawer full of B.B.W. clothes:

Yes, today was a good day.


  1. You're kids are adorable! I'm lovin all that hair, I WISH my kids had half as much :D
    I'm glad you had a good day - doncha love when they go all drag with your shoes, I like nothing more.

    Thanks for the party advice, hopefully I don't mess it up!

    Hey - so I have something for you ... on my blog ... :)

  2. I remember the day when my then 3 year old son came out of my walking closet in nylons, high heels and pearls. I wish I took that picture,lol.

  3. I dead the day my son inevitably gets into my closet lol!

  4. LOL!!!

    Your kids are adorable!! The pics of your little boy are very much bribing material for the future.


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