Tuesday, February 23, 2010

     I got home and quickly got some quesadillas and applesauce on the table for HM. I fed the cat, and thought- WOW- it's post it note Tuesday and I'm gonna  make it for the first time ever. I love those little sticky notes, but always forget to participate.  So I run over to Busymom's blog to get the link to Supah Mommy's blog, and that dam link is misbehaving. So now all of you get to see what I saw just cuz I'm cool like that! Anyway, I'm super disappointed I can't do post it note Tuesday. I was in the kitchen thinking of all these cool little things to say on them, like-

     Dear HM-I swear getting dressed will be over faster if YOU JUST STAND STILL!!

SPF, are you able to talk without asking me for something?

Libby, why do you cry like you are starving when you still have dry food left?

Bra straps-STAY PUT!

I know I gained a little weight, but will you please button anyway?

     Not nearly as cute when it's not on those  little colored post it notes, is it? Oh well, maybe I'll make it next week. Problem is, there are so many cute things like this in the blog world, it's hard to keep up. I am constantly finding fun things, leave a post promising to return and participate, then I forget. So if you have one of those blogs I posted something like that on, I was sincere, feel free to refresh my memory. (Hey, that could have been a post it note too, ....)

     Now a side note, that really is not a side note, SPF had a dental check up today and we are at zero cavities. Yay SPF!!! 


  1. I'm sorry the link wasn't working I just checked it and it was ok and loco yaya used it off of mine earlier that is so crazy! I love your notes though, they are too funny. How's the new job going? I know you must be exhausted.

  2. I have been so busy lately that I havent been able to participate in anything. I have to update soon because I have people asking me where I have been! Hope you have a great week!

    ***thanks for the award!

  3. Happy WW! thanks for stopping at my blog.

    "How we look now" Entry is duly noted. thank you. If you have any other entries just post them under comments. Have a great day!


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