Sunday, February 21, 2010

Doing Something Right

     Many of you know I recently went back to work after being laid off since December. You also know I work in construction, a male dominated world. Well I am in need of a new pair of work boots-not an easy thing to find with a size 7 woman's foot.

     My current boots are a pair of  Timberland Pro, and they are made for women, cute, and were super comfortable-for about a week. I know things are different when I spend 8 hours on my feet walking an unfinished concrete construction site, but when I take off my boots it takes hours for the feeling to come back to my pinkie toes. So when I (finally) started to see the titanium toes through the leather, I started my journey for the next pair.

      The few times I have found women's work boots in the stores, they are overpriced, and uncomfortable. Then I ran across these boots and my heart skipped a beat! I am a little  hesitant because buying online you can't try them on, but being designed by a woman for a woman is promising. Plus they're so dam cute! So I have been debating with myself do I buy the pink, or go with the conservative tan ones? (I may work construction but I am a girly girl and love to express my feminine side even in that masculine role.) Then I got the best advice from SPF. She told me to stop worrying what anybody else may think of me wearing pink work boots, and be true to myself-buy the pair I like the best. I must be doing something right with that girl. I mean really-that's about the best advice I could have got.

     Isn't it amazing watching our kids metamorphis right in front of our eyes?


  1. Kids always see through things better than us. somwhere along the road of our lives we lose that gift.

  2. Yes, you are doing something right because she is so wise. Great job, Mama!

  3. I am with her you've done a good job! Go with the pink!
    Have a great week!

  4. First, congrats on getting into construction! I remember searching for high schools in 8th grade and being told I could not work construction because I was a one teaches a girl that. I tried again coming out of high school going to college and was discouraged once again by being told I would 'not mess up my hands - no man wants a women with rough hands'. It's amazing how closed minded people are in this day and age in the US. You're already working a job that's controversial by being yourself, why stop at your boots when you've concquered so much more?!

  5. from FF! Sorry for the late visit!

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