Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Non Exciting Item

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

     I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm so tired these days that I take pride in accomplishing even the smallest of tasks. Today, I hung my bulletin board! I know it's not that exciting-but here is the pic:

     Hey, not all of life is edge of your seat excitement, or overwhelming humour. No sirree, life is all about the day in day out regular, even mundane tasks.  So here is my non exciting  item I checked off my to do list.

     And a side note- ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT UNTILL WE GO TO LAS VEGAS!!! (I'm just a little excited! You can't tell can you?)


  1. Perhaps you should get a good rest and prepare for your trip. Have a nice trip ahead.

  2. I have been sick for several days. Hanging a bulleting board would be a HUGE accomplishment in my life:)


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