Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

     It's been a week since I posted, really? Wow, I have been busy. Let me see, working my butt off, and just too tired to even turn on my computer last weekend. I just wanted to drop a quick note as I made a commitment to keep blogging a priority.

     I dreaded to do it, but I checked my email right before this, man that was treacherous! I don't know about you, but email really irritates me. Not the getting an email part, but the whole email thing. If you don't stay on top of it daily, it piles up to the point of overwhelming. Well mine past that point, but I survived to blog about it.

     Navigating away from my email to my dashboard, Google no longer recognised my computer and I was prompted to enter passwords. (OK, another sign I am not keeping up with my blog, I get it.) Now I'm a little concerned because the passwords didn't work. Could someone have accessed my account? And if they did-are they gonna blog for me? I mean what would one gain? Anyway, normally I would just assume operator error, I mean it has been a week, but my computer remembers and automatically enters the passwords that I tell it to. So now my computer was wrong? I'm not convinced. I couldn't access anything. I had to get here in an unconventional way. Luckily I have this blog attached to 2 Gmail addresses, and I got in through another one. Kind-of strange though, that Blogger said my computer remembered password for that Gmail account was wrong the first 4-5 times, then all of a sudden it worked. Hopefully it was just a glitch, but I'm going with a conspiracy theory.

     Now I'm off to pick up the kids and take them swimming. Oh shit shoot, I gotta shave my legs! Maybe no one will notice........


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  1. I don't shave my legs, unless hubby is home!


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