Friday, February 18, 2011


     I just looked at the new(er) tab on my blogger dashboard..STATS. That is really cool in a totally blogger geek kind-of way. I got see where are all my stalkers live! LOVE IT!!

     It shows me everything. OK, not winning lotto numbers, no hints as to what to cook for dinner that my toddler might eat, no top secret weight loss methods, but everything as far as blog stats.

     I got to see when I was being viewed, from what countries, on what operating system, even the devices used. Then they made it complete by adding little pie graph pictures to everything, (I like pictures).  I'm sure to all you techs out there, this is old news, but to me-it's brand new. I was wowed.

     And no, this is NOT a review for Blogger, or Google, or anyone else. Just a little thing I found that has probably been on my dashboard for months that I am just now discovering. So check out your little tab, you might like it too...Happy Blogging  :)


  1. I love the stats, but I am ticked at Google right now - haven't been able to edit my template for 2 days. Grr.

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