Tuesday, August 17, 2010


     I'm still  unable to work due to my hand surgeries, so I figured-what the heck; ROADTRIP! So off we went, to Las Vegas of course.

     One of my long time friends and her daughter moved to San Jose a couple years back, so that is the fist destination on our way to the desert. She was there for the birth of HM and hasn't seen him much since. We are all SO excited to get there. Her daughter and SPF grew up like sisters, she misses her a lot.

     Here is my attempt to blog on the road from my Droid. The pic is of us crossing the Washington - Oregon border. 

     Car lifesaver so far- the mp3 player loaded with picks from everyone set on shuffle!

     Wish us a safe and happy trip down into San Jose. More posts to come....

1 comment:

  1. Minus the surgery part, a road trip sounds awesome! I LOVE road trips


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