Tuesday, June 29, 2010


     Yeah I did it, you read that right. I named this post with a cuss word. A cuss word I apparently should say less often.

     Last week I was putting HM down for bed and those stupid little toddler bed sheets kept coming off. So after the third or so time of them popping off and me having to fix them, I dropped the F bomb in shear frustration. I guess I made it sound extra fun to say, because HM decided to try it on for size. Getting no reaction from me he quickly got bored with the whole thing- so I thought....

     The next day HM thought he would give it another shot, this time in the presence of SPF. She of course reacted in shock, part surprise, part why isn't he getting on trouble for that? No matter how much I told her to ignore it, she just couldn't leave it alone. I heard her all evening egging him on with things like "what did you say?"  "Say fork" and "I didn't hear you, say it louder.". She kept it up untill all I heard through our home was pitter patter of his little feet following his big sis around yelling "FUCK" " FUCK" in his sweet little toddler voice.  SPF being the typical older sis that she is, not skipping a beat- comes crying to me about how she is trying to read but it bothers her when "people"  cuss around her. 

      This sort of thing went on all night. As funny as it was, I didn't dare laugh. But it really was too funny to not at least blog about it! I just hope he doesn't use that potty mouth at day care!


  1. I think I've said sht before, and it was repeated once and thank goodness that was it! Sometimes it just slips out. Hope the F monster leaves the house soon! And hope you're doing well!

  2. If he's anything like mine, he will.
    but you will survive :)


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