Friday, May 28, 2010

"Let me check"

     Anyone keeping up (I know I haven't exactly been keeping up myself) knows that HM is in the middle of potty training. He has pretty much got it, but still poops in his nightly diaper as a way to get out of bed. Lovely!!

     Tonight I changed an especially stinky one, put the diaper outside, and washed my hands. So here we are a good twenty minutes after he did the deed and the whole place is still reeking like doo doo. It's nasty, the smell is just drifting from room to room, I mean-it's bad!!

     Then all of a sudden I have a 'duh' moment and realize he must have went again. So I ask him and of course he says no. Then I check, nope-no poo. OK, another 'duh' moment (I have alot of those!) and i think outloud-"Is there poop on me?" and I go back to the sink and start scrubbing my hands again.

     So here I am bent over the bathroom sink, washing like crazy, and here comes HM behind me and says "Let me check" as he attempts to look down my pants to see if I had poop on me.

     I know, I'm awful. I take a total break from blogging and this is what I come back with? Potty humour? Of all the tasteless things I could say,....but yes, I did. Hey, it was funny. I laughed, hopefully you will too.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah it is a funny poo story. I had that moment too when my sons was that age. Maybe that awful smell got stuck in our nose and every where we go it still smells like poo. Happy blogging and happy parenting to you.


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