Thursday, September 24, 2009

Under that clear stilleto

     I am trying to find time every day to update my blog, so far that's not always happening. I am 2 days away from my move,and my house is completely upside down at this point. I have to unbury my laptop just to log on. It's a brand  new season of House, NCIS, all the CSI's, etc., and I'm so sucked in! Between packing, keeping up with my DVR, my Facebook and Craig's List addictions, I am finding it hard to put my thoughts into words here.

     I can say I am so relieved that I do OAMC sessions. (That stands for once a month cooking to all you newbies.) It is the way to go-for sure. I have at least 40 meals in my freezer at this point. Easy breazy to still have a homecooked meal even on the busiest of nights. Tonight we had some chicken, noodle, parmesan concoction. It was mm mm good. YUMMY! My chest freezer has been a great investment. It really pays for itself if you utilize it's space. A local store has whole chickens on sale this week for .69c a pound. I fought the urge to buy them by the dozen. I have serious problems passing up a good grocery store sale. I hate that! But I have to pack, not cook 25 dinners and try and fit them in my allready full freezers.

     During my packing, I have decided to finally free myself (and my closet) of all the clothes I have been holding onto in hopes of someday wearing again. I have been holding on to them for a variety of reasons, and refusing to part with them. But it's time I face reality. Even if I drop the 30 or so extra pounds on me, would I really ever wear a pink leather mini skirt with matching pink leather playboy jacket? Where would I wear that? PTA? Soccer practice? I think not. So out it goes, with so many others! So the pile of unwanted clothes has consumed my room, and I'm off to find my bed. I am hoping that next to those capri pants from the last time they were in, somewhere under that clear stilleto stripper heal I will find my pillow. Goodnight

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